11.Qingdao is a famous sailing city. In Aug. 2009 our company organized the staff to swim in the sea. Although they are strict with their work, they keep high spirit in games. (2009-08)

10. In Jul. 2009, the delegations headed by vice standing president and secretary general Liu Depu and vice secretary general Zhang Ling and Shao Zhengbiao etc. from Shanghai Mould Association paid a visit to Qingdao Metro-3D Technology Co., Ltd. Secretary General Liu thought that we were a new rising star in measuring machine industry due to our high starting point, high technology as well as considerate services. He also spoke highly of the fact that we successfully conducted cooperation with many famous international companies such as SMC, ArvinMeritor, Avision, CEN, Phase, Yuchai Group, Shanghai Auto Group, Shanghai Bao Steel, etc. At last, Secretary General presented us an inscription to encourage us to achieve further development. (2009-07)

9. Group photos for service personnel of Qingdao Metro-3D Technology Co., Ltd.; “red color” means the pursuit and passion for the career. They are a team possessing strong hardworking attitude and competitive power. (2009-06)

8. Qingdao Metro-3D Company holds technical competition in Apr. of each year. The open learning atmosphere is a power source to encourage us to learn and research the technology and a platform to improve our technology and skills as well as working styles. (2009-04)

7. In Nov. 2008, the foreign colleagues came to us to learn and exchange the professional viewpoints and skills. (2008-11)

6. In May, 2008, a team training was conducted in National Forest Park which further solidified the elites of company. (2008-05)

5. In Jan. 2008, the Fourth Table Tennis Competition kicked off in Qingdao Metro-3D Technology Co., Ltd. Not only did we see the flying balls but also their enterprising spirit. (2008-01)

4. The clients from PHASE paid a visit to our company for exchange and learning. (2008-01)

3. In Oct. 2007, stuff members of the company also spent time to enjoy relaxing life out of their work. This is their group photo on holiday. (2007-10)

2. In Apr. 2007, Qingdao Metro-3D showed up in China International Machinery Expo for the first time and won high praise from the experts and professionals both at home and abroad due to our high quality products.(2007-04)

1. In Nov. 2006, Myanmar’s Minister of Industry paid a visit to our company and gave high praise to our CMM. (2006-11)

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