Application of teaching system

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【Application of teaching and training system】is a measuring teaching system developed by Metro-3D for schools to nurture more talents, which could simulate the real measuring machine to realize CAD comparison, measurement, and tolerance calculation etc. Due to its high reliability, high performance-price ratio and low costs, the measuring teaching system is the preferred tool for schools to educate industrial measuring talents faster.



As an important organization for nurturing and transporting talents, educational institutions undertake the education of high quality talents. CMM is an important machine that spans the whole process of manufacture and now is used as a key test equipment by more and more schools, which enables more people to know about the CMM and its applications. The teaching and training purpose of the schools are fully met by the high reliability, high performance-price ratio and excellent teaching functions of the machines. The measuring teaching system developed by Metro-3D for schools could fully simulate the measuring machine’s CAD comparison, measurement and tolerance calculation etc. The simulation measuring system designed for the teaching and labs could be operated by more than one person to maximize the protection of the machine and its service life as well as improving the training efficiency greatly. Its real simulation measuring environment, world-advanced measuring technology and strong comprehensive measuring functions concur to make the teaching and training more simple and convenient. Therefore, it is a preferred tool for educational institutions to realize low cost and fast education of talents and achieve the talent education plan in a better way.

The applicable specialties:

Electromechanical integration, mechanical design, mechanical automation, computerized assisted design CAM/CAD, numerical control, car design, mould design, industrial measurement etc.

Features of teaching and training system:

● Save the education cost, equipment cost and maintenance cost.

● The real simulation environment makes the teaching and learning more simple and convenient and visual.

● Greatly improves the teaching quality and shorten the teaching time.

● Combination of strong measuring functions and simple use.

● Always abreast of world advanced measuring technology and the learners could master the most advanced technology and maintain competitiveness for long.

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