description CAD mathematic-model-based application

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【Strong functions fully based on CAD mathematic model】Use the 3D CAD data to drive the measurement and automatically generate the theoretical data and relevant program by clicking the feature of CAD; generate the workpeice test program online or off line and at the same time complete the graphics workpiece model and measuring route simulation to enable users to clearly see the whole movement of the machine on the graphics and modify them in time to avoid errors and impact once connected.


● CAD 3D processing functions – able to realize CAD mathematics entity and wire frame recurrence, multiple views display, and make 2D views into 3D wire frame views.

● CAD mathematics model layering and coloring –users can set up corresponding CAD layer and coloring according to their own needs to realize more convenient and human-friendly measurement.

● CAD document editing function –users could edit the CAD freely according to their needs such as deleting irrelevant elements, or changing CAD graphics features etc.

● CAD mathematic model imaging – by imaging functions, able to simply and rapidly reflect the geometric relations of model and workpiece; and quickly produce imaging element or entity in reverse process to increase the reverse measuring efficiency by 50%.

● Advanced graphics processor – able to process large size CAD documents efficiently and easily.

● Input of multiple CAD mathematic models.

● Automatic identification of CAD mathematic model theoretical elements.

● Display/ simulate measuring route – allows the users to read the probe routes on the CAD mathematic model during the workpiece probing process.

● Directly input 3D CAD mathematic model and directly generate theoretical value on the CAD mathematic model and compare it with the actual values, then automatically take the nominal values and correct vector values.

● Able to measure the complex geometric shapes with high speed, high efficiency and high correctiveness including mould model, thin-walled parts for test instruments, metal sheet, mould model and other curves and curved surface or shapes etc..

● Able to automatically seek the measuring elements, compensate the probe real time and directly computerize theoretical vector offset position of actual measuring points.

● Virtual measurement: use CAD model online or off line and automatically carry out the virtual measuring programming and simulation operation, verification, route optimization and anti-impact inspection.

● Fast alignment of mathematical model under CAD mode.

● Offline simulation measurement and simulation operation.

● Graphics output for CAD model measuring results.

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