Application of automobile test instruments and fixture

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【Typical clients】Woke Inspection Tools Co., Ltd is a hi-tech enterprise specially engaging in automobile model, stamping part inspection tool, assembly inspection tool, interior and exterior inspection toll, car model, development and manufacture of automobile fixture.

【Problems】The company had a set of coordinate measuring machine originally. However, the measuring software and precision equipped with the machine could not meet the requirements of production, especially the complicated surface on inspection tool could not achieve the measurement of 3D-CAD required by clients. The company then applies 3D modeling design completely. The high demand on precision of products is the reason to select and use this measuring machine.




【Solution】:View large-size half-gantry measuring machine has a measuring scope of 1500×3500×1200mm and its precision on length measurement can reach 3.0+3.5L/1000um; repeatability precision of measurement is within 3.0um. Good broadness and large available space make the machine adapt in the manufacture and adjustment on site of large-size inspection tools and automobile fixture products very much. The machine applies measuring software with strong functions, stable control system and steady thick granite work surface, which guarantee the exceptional performance of the machine and stable mechanical structure can keep good stability of precision. The machine can effectively complete measurement of large size workpiece and profiles with complicated shape and free-form surface. By classifying their products, a proper method of alignment should be applied to establish practical quality solution and rapidly find the measuring base to greatly increase the efficiency of measurement.

Process control:

(1)Measuring operators fix inspection tools onto the worksurface of the measuring machine and clean the measuring fiducial part with alcohol.

(2)Carefully read the requirements of drawings and finish verification of probe in angles in one time subject to measuring requirements of the workpiece.

(3)Align CAD model of the workpiece with actual workpiece by coordinate consolidation.

(4)Inspect and measure the interior profile, straight edge and positions of holes.

(5)Measuring result treatment, including graphic report, Form-Error graphic error report and integrative graphic report function as well as real-time display for measuring data and graph.

Strong measuring function——View large-size half-gantry measuring machine is equipped with PS-DMIS (Powerful and Sample) software which has been granted Germany PTB certificate. PS-DMIS is a package of software for intelligent graphic measurement, which has strong function and convenient operation. It merges all optimum features of current measuring software interfaces and enables operators to finish complicated measurement easily and efficiently. By PS-DMIS, measuring program of parts can be easily created through direct way or input into CAD document to realize digitalization of parts and complete the application of reverse engineering. The entire measuring process, simulative optimization of path, anti-collision inspection and final report, all can be carried out through visualized window. Complicated measurement can be realized only by clicking. PS-DMIS possesses three-point coordinate creation, iterative coordinate system and BEST-FIT coordinate creating methods, which can greatly save the time spent on looking for positive coordinate system by machine and convenient to do measurement. Making use of CAD geometrical sense, automatically and correctly align the position of workpiece on the one set by clients to realize point-and-measure. It can finish measuring all kinds of complicated shape and surface, such as inspection tool, manufacture of car body, plastic modeling, mould, model, punching parts and measurement of other curve and cambered surface.

View measuring machine has enhanced the trust of clients of Woke Company. Because the machine can measure and inspect all the processes of product, all products must lean on measurement and adjustment of View measuring machine. To deliver products in time, the machine often continues to work with no stop. Good precision and running condition are deemed as final standard of verification and evaluation. View measuring machine helps the company to continuously win new clients and markets and a good reputation of manufacturer producing high quality inspection tools.

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