Application of high precision parts

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【Typical client】SMC China Company, a wholly-owned subsidiary (Sole-source investment enterprise) invested by SMC in China, has the most advanced automatic production technology and equipment in the world, of which aim is to maintain the top rank in technology of cylinder and pneumatic system all the time.

【Problems】SMC persists in the pursuit of higher precision products constantly, which is responsible for clients. To fulfill quality aim and demand, SMC China Company needs measuring machines with high precision, conduct verification and data tracking on each stage during manufacture process as well as quality examination and control towards dimension of each single workpiece.




【Solution】Based on deep survey and evaluation and through comparative requirement test, the company eventually selected Enjoy moving gantry-type measuring machine with 1.0um repeatability precision. Precision of the measuring machine is as important as the efficiency of measuring operation. For SMC, the dimension measuring cost of each workpiece is also included in the whole manufacture cost. Therefore, measuring operation demands precision and also speed. Enjoy is faster in running, more precise and durative in stability, which meets the measuring requirement of clients.

Once finish designing the workpiece, the manufacture department should commence on processing in conformity with strict tolerance requirement, and ensure that defective workpiece should be not delivered. All workpieces should be inspected completely. For this reason, the machine works all day long. A perfect program guarantees to finish various measurement tasks and carry out management effectively, realize orderly management to basic program, measuring program, report text and all kinds of statistic diagrams. The statement of text can be edited and can automatically insert measuring data into excel data form without any conversion, which is convenient to access and search. Probes in all angles can be verified at a time. Documents about probe are stored separately or in solution.

During the measurement, PSDMIS software is applied from beginning to the end, including the measurement of each geometry – from the most simple to the most complicated, such as: clamping head, valve base, mechanical spring and free-form cambered surface. Good operability makes the entire measuring process rapid, efficient and visible. Making use of unique “pull &release” function, all operations can be realized only by clicking. All are completely graph operation so as to achieve artificial measurement. Surveyors can use it safely at ease without worrying about collision.

Enjoy moving gantry type measuring machine is equipped with an automatic rotary trigger probe. Besides ordinary measurement, the advanced calculation method of controller and software supports scan with high speed and high precision and realizes reverse measuring function, which can meet the demand of developing new products.

Although high level of measuring process control is intangible apparently, it has put into effect and reminded operators that they guarantee the unchanged quality goal of SMC, i.e. “Uncompromising precision for ever”. The machine takes the measurement task for processing the workpiece of SMC, which plays a security role on quality of products. Meanwhile, it indicates that the machine is of great importance to the company. A manager of SMC’s quality department said Metro-3d wins our full trust based upon product stability, the value delivered, service principles of “Client orientation” and individualized technological support.

“We are very proud of the cooperation with SMC to meet the quality goal”, Metro-3d General Manager said, “during this process, we have also understood the uncompromising requirement of clients on quality and potential real demand for our system.”

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