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Process design is to provide reasonable processing methods and processing sequences for the processed parts so as to produce the qualified parts as per the design requirements. Among them, the design, manufacturing, verification and adjustment for the mould equipment, test instruments, fixtures and tools are the basis to ensure smooth subsequent production. In the past, product assembly and debugging by virtue of worker’s experience and skills can not guarantee the efficiency and quality. Now, the precision measuring system could provide applicable methods and approaches for the mould development and the installation and debugging of the tools, fixtures, test instruments or even the whole production line. Therefore, the test instruments, fixture and tools caught more and more attention by the manufacturers. Due to its good repeatability and high precision, the Enjoy plus series is able to finish the measuring for the small size tools such as test instruments and fixtures. View and Discovery series could be able to finish measuring for the large size test instruments and fixtures. Due to the test instruments and fixture featuring complexity, small measuring scope and large volume, Metro-3D products are designed to acquire larger forming space besides the basic measuring scope, such as scope of 800mm width and workpiece accommodation space up to 1100mm so as to ensure the users to take care of the measurement of fixture and clamping devices in daily production under the same stroke besides meeting the product measurement.

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