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In recent years, China’s lathe industry has made a great headway and more and more technologies are used for the digital controlled lathes and high precision lathes. Hence, lathes require higher precision to ensure the quality of products. The measuring system with perfect functions and ultra-high precision is required to match the measuring task for the parts featuring high precision, large size and complex shapes. Lathe usually comprises machine body, box and worktable. The measured parts involved include box type parts (headstock and gear box) guideway and basic components (measuring related to leveling degree and linearity ), axis (crankshaft), disk parts, gear parts. The lathe shows the features of high speed and high precision according to the technical development. High precision measuring system guarantees high precision of lathes: the lathe components must be up to the tolerance requirement so as to realize the high speed operation of lathes.



The maximum allowable indication error of length measuring for the high precision CMM Greenwich from Metro-3D could reach 0.9 + 3L/1000. If equipped with complete measuring software and more measuring module options, it could not only finish the measuring for the standard box type parts but also realize assessment and analysis for the workpiece with complex shapes such as worm wheel, worm screw, cam, cam shaft, curve and cambered surface. High precision Greenwich has the measuring scope ranging from 500 x 500 x 400 mm to 1200 x 1800 x 800 mm and is able to realize precision measuring for various lathes.

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